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Class Spirit Day at NCA

Students at New Covenant Academy experience opportunities well beyond the academics that provide an opportunity for personal growth and well-being.  Through involvement in areas such as chapel, community service, various clubs and sports, students are encouraged to grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  New Covenant offers a myriad of opportunities to develop a healthy, well-rounded life.



Secondary Division Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Activities


The New Covenant Academy co-curricular program includes leadership opportunities in student government, and various club programs including community service opportunities, National Honor Society, and ministry teams. Students start their senior year off strong with a cross-cultural mission trip during the summer before their senior year.  This serves as an integral part of the curriculum in building social skills and strengthening spiritual foundations. In addition, students are exposed to a range of artistic opportunities; vocal and instrumental music, art, and the school yearbook.




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