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7-8 Music

Students in junior high have the opportunity to participate in the Warrior Chorus, an award-winning choir of mixed voices. Warrior Chorus rehearses twice a week with a focus on developing changing voices.  Singers in Warrior Chorus continue to build vocal technique, sight-reading and ear training skills along with introducing music history and theory. Challenging literature, often designed for high school level singers, is performed throughout the year.

Participation in Warrior Chorus is high with NCA junior high students. Each year, between 80 and 90% of our total junior high population takes choir. The Warrior Chorus performs throughout the year in school concerts as well as additional events such as Homecoming, Warrior Court, Grandparent’s Day and others.

Spring competition/music festivals round out the performance experience for Warrior Chorus singers. The choir has never received anything less than gold (highest rating possible) at any music festival/competition, an accomplishment they continue to strive to meet each year they compete. Singers wishing to continue their choir experience at the high school level audition at the end of their 8th-grade year for choir placement.


Warrior Band


Warrior Band is comprised of band students in the seventh and eighth grades.  This group meets three times weekly.  Lessons are built on continuing the basic fundamentals in rhythm, tone production, and ensemble playing that began in Beginning Band.  

The Warrior Band performs throughout the year in school concerts including the Veteran’s Day Assembly as well as on Grandparent’s Day.  In the Spring, the band participates in a local adjudicated music festival.  Some years they also perform solos and ensembles for ratings.