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Counselor Services 7-12 & A+ Coordinator

Mrs. Kimberly Petree

Mrs. Kimberly Petree, 7-12 School Counselor, Testing Coordinator and A+ Coordinator


Mrs. Kimberly Petree has a B.A. degree in Religious Studies from Missouri State University and an M.S. degree in School Counseling from Evangel University. Mrs. Petree holds certifications in Counseling K-8 and Counseling 7-12 in the State of Missouri. Through the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education she has also demonstrated content expertise in the areas of School Guidance and Counseling and Principles of Learning and Teaching (7-12). Currently Mrs. Petree is pursuing a counseling and assessment specialist degree (EdS) from Missouri State University (Spring 2020). Mrs. Petree joined New Covenant Academy in 2008, serving as the Jr. Kindergarten-12 School Counselor for seven years. As school enrollment has continued to increase, the Guidance and Counseling Department added a second full-time counselor during the 2015-2016 school year, allowing Mrs. Petree to focus on the needs of its 7-12 students. Mrs. Petree also serves as the Testing Coordinator for New Covenant Academy, assuring that NCA students participate in annual standardized testing in order to assess academic growth and achievement.


A Personal Message from Mrs. Petree


Helping students achieve their academic and career aspirations, while also guiding them in discovering who they are as individuals and purposeful creations of an almighty God, is not only a tremendous responsibility but a wonderful privilege. As a Christian educator there is no greater reward than to make a difference in the lives of the students that God has placed before me. Each day as I work with my students, I have the ability to share with my students that God not only loves them, but he has a plan for their lives. At New Covenant Academy making a difference in my students’ lives begins by developing and building relationships with each student. Spending time in classrooms, hallways, the lunchroom, at sporting events, or in my office allows me the opportunity to know each of my students on an individual level. Having worked with NCA graduates for the past eleven years, I have had the joy of watching former students go on to earn degrees at both the undergraduate and graduate level, serve in our nation’s armed forces, and get married and start families. No matter where life takes our graduates, at NCA “once a Warrior, always a Warrior!”


What Do We Hope to Accomplish through Guidance and Counseling Services?


The mission of New Covenant Academy's Guidance Counseling Department is to support and enhance the learning process by helping students to maximize their potential in three domains:  personal/social, academic and career development.  As a college preparatory school, the School Counselor assists students in preparing for post-secondary studies by guiding students and parents through the college admissions process. The Guidance and Counseling Program at NCA is committed to advocating for all students by creating a collaborative partnership with students, parents, teachers, and administrators.