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High School


Ninth through Twelfth Grade


The High School´s college preparatory curriculum includes formal Bible instruction. Strong academics from a Biblical perspective are the mark of the High School program. Students are challenged to achieve the full potential intended by God by a faculty who genuinely care about their progress and well-being. Parents are informed of a student´s progress through mid-quarter reports, quarterly report cards, and formal and informal conferences. In addition, prospective students are invited to visit and observe classrooms by prior arrangement with the Admissions Officer.


Program Hours

  • Time:  7:45 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.

Dual Credit

New Covenant Academy high school students have the opportunity to earn college credit while they are attending high school at a fraction of the cost it would be if they waited until after college graduation.  There are eleven courses offered on the NCA campus, taught by NCA instructors; through Missouri State University and several courses offered online through Drury University.  Learn More


Graduation Requirements


Student Body Conduct

Standards for dress and conduct are designed to produce an appropriate climate for academic performance and success. Students are not expected to dress uniformly. However, they are expected to avoid extremes. The manner in which students present themselves is part of Christian training and always reflects consideration for others. In addition, the rules of common courtesy, politeness, and modesty are stressed. Students are also expected to behave with decency according to Christian principles. More information regarding specific dress, grooming, and conduct is available in other school publications.