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Board of Directors

New Covenant Academy is governed by an independent, volunteer board of directors, composed of parents, grandparents and professionals within the community.  Board members can serve a maximum of two, three-year terms and must meet specific requirements per policy.

Role of the Board


The board convenes once a month and calls for sessions in between meetings as needed.  The board hires, manages, and evaluates two employees; the Chief Academic Officer and the Chief Financial Officer (together known as the Chief Executive Team).  The board approves the hiring and firing of employees at the recommendation of the Chief Executive Team.  The board speaks with one voice, not many voices; therefore without a quorum and a majority vote, a formal decision cannot be passed.  The board performs a fiduciary role and ensures financial solvency and integrity.  The board does not handle the day-to-day operations of the school but functions as a policy maker.  They ensure effective organizational planning, mission and basic values of the school's programs and services.  They also serve as a "final court of appeals/judiciary board" for unresolved issues that may occasionally arise.  The board approves the major goals/needs and the overall strategic plan of the school.  The board is self-perpetuating, therefore they recruit new members with nominations from the New Covenant Academy constituency and take into consideration areas of expertise the board feels would benefit the Academy.



Mr. Jeff Ward



Mr. Ward has a B.A. in mechanical engineering and earned a Black Belt Six Sigma from the American Society of Quality.  He is the Principal Owner of a Consulting Firm in the Food & Bev. Mfg. Industry & a Real Estate Agent.  Mr. Ward is married and attends a non-denominational church and has Jr. High  school students enrolled at NCA
Term 1:  2018 to 2021      Term 2:  2021 to 2024


Dr. Corbin VanDeWege




 Dr. VanDeWege holds an MD from the Indiana University School of Medicine and a Bachelor's in Psychology, Chemistry & Biology from Anderson University. Dr. VanDeWege is employed as a Family Physician with a local health system, and also serves on NCA's medical subcommittee.  He is married with three children who attend NCA, and as a family, they attend a non-denominational church in Springfield.
Term 1:  2021 to 2024      Term 2:  2024 to 2027


Mr. Joel Block


Joel Block is an associate attorney with Aaron Sachs & Associates, PC. He is a parent of an NCA high school student. He is married and attends Life Church in Springfield, MO



Term 1:  2023 to 2026  Term 2:  2027 to 2030


Mr. Lance Wiley


Mr. Wiley holds a B.S. in Finance with certifications in investments and insurance.   He works as an Investment Manager for a financial firm.  Mr. Wiley is married and attends an Assembly of God Church.  He has children in the Elementary and Jr high divisions enrolled at NCA.
Term 1:  2018 to 2021  Term 2:  2021 to 2024


Mr. Stephen Guidry


Mr. Guidry holds a Bachelor of Science in General Business from the University of Louisiana and is employed as the owner of a chemical marketing company for the distribution of anti-freeze, industrial coolants, and other industrial chemicals.  He is married and has two children who attend NCA; as a family, they attend a non-denominational church in Springfield.

Term 1:  2021 to 2024      Term 2:  2024 to 2027

Mr. Richard Miller

Mr.Richard Miller holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the College of the Ozarks and serves on the Executive Board of the CofO Alumni Association.  After a long banking career, he is employed as Investment Manager for a local company. He has served on the Investment Committee for NCA since 2010.   Richard is married to Carolyn, who served as an elementary teacher at NCA for over 18 years.  They attend a local Baptist church and have three NCA alumni children.
Term 1:  2021 to 2024     Term 2: 2024 to 2027


Mr. David Messner


Mr. David Messner is the Owner and General Manager of Rain Pro Pixel (Beyond Creative), a creative agency specializing in brand development and architectural visualization. He is a proud parent of two students at NCA: Makenna, a senior, and Michael, a freshman. The Messner family resides on a 53-acre hobby farm in a home personally designed and built by David. In his free time, he enjoys woodworking, farm life, and cooking with his wife Kara.



Dr. Tayo Obafemi-Ajayi

Dr. Obafemi-Ajayi has earned a Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science from the Illinois Institute of Technology, a Master of Science, and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology. She is employed as an Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering at a local university.  Dr. Obafemi-Ajayi is married to Dr. Emmanual Obafemi-Ajayi, a Pediatrician, who serves on NCA's medical subcommittee. Together they have two students enrolled at NCA and attend a local Assembly of God Church in Springfield.
Term 1:  2021 to 2024      Term 2:  2024 to 2027

Mr. Denny Seiber


 Mr. Seiber holds a Masters of Education in Sports Administration and a Bachelors of Administration in Accounting from Wichita State University. He works as The Director of Global Payments for a global travel company.  Mr. Seiber is married and attends Story Church.  He has children in the Elementary, Middle School, Jr High and High School divisions of NCA
Term 1:  2022 to 2025      Term 2:  2025 to 2028
Mrs. Krystal Simon


Mrs. Krystal Simon

Mrs. Krystal Simon is currently pursuing a Masters Degree from Drury University. Kystal is the CEO of Care to Learn which partners with schools to tackle the issues of heath, hunger and hygiene among students.  She attends Life Church and has three children at NCA.
Term 1:  2022 to 2025     Term 2: 2025 to 2028

Dr. Vickie Wisdom


Dr. Wisdom holds an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership and Policy, with an MBA in Management and Organizational Behavior and a BME in Music Education.   She works at a local Christian University as Professor of Humanities in Theater Arts and formerly worked at New Covenant Academy for many years as Fine Arts Chair and Vocal Music Educator.   Dr. Wisdom is married and attends an Assembly of God Church.  Her two children are alumni of NCA.
Term 1:  2019-2022      Term 2:  2022-2025