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Our Founding Story


Founded in 1979, NCA originally began as a church-sponsored school, housed at Word of God Tabernacle.  In 1980, enrollment consisted of 42 students with two paid teachers and three paraprofessionals on staff and the following original board members: J. Kenneth Asplund-Board President, Larry Asplund-Vice President, Jesse Hyder-Secretary, Vicki Weiler-Treasurer, Sam Biggers, Bob Warwick, Norman Wilkie, and  David Knox.  In 1981, several area churches worked in collaboration to develop New Covenant Academy.  The pastors of the sponsoring churches served on the Board of Directors.  

Enrollment in 1982 jumped to 103 students. Maximum capacity at the facility location was 120.  Administrators grappled to find NCA a permanent home.  In 1983, the board resolved to become an independent school, set apart from any specific church.  In their motion, they set forth the following governmental structure:  “Resolved that the structure and government of New Covenant Academy be made totally independent from any local church or churches, that  qualified parents be appointed to the Board of Directors and that these Board members qualify strictly by A) being parents of children enrolled in New Covenant Academy, B) their experience in Christian education, and C) the level of their ongoing commitment to New Covenant Academy.

NCA has occupied the following locations throughout the years: Cornerstone Word Church, Elfindale, Calvary Temple Assemblies of God, Jefferson Avenue Baptist Church, Rolling Hills Baptist Church, and Glendale Baptist Church.  The Academy purchased its permanent home in 1995 at 3304 Cox Ave., Springfield, MO.  It is now serving families attending over 95 Christian churches.

Beginning in 2010, NCA began to experience exponential enrollment growth with a 95% increase in enrollment in an 8 year period.  This growth drove administrators and board of directors to grapple with the following question:  Do we cap our enrollment size and develop waiting lists or do we open our arms as wide as God brings the students?  Furthermore, in the process of strategic planning, Administrators identified the fact that in a Jr.K-12 grade program (all on one campus), students would benefit from more focused development of unique identity and school culture within our designated divisions in the elementary, intermediate, jr. high and high school programs.  These two overarching factors, coupled with God-ordained opportunity, led to the purchase of a second campus location.  The Parkcrest Life360 church property was purchased on April 1, 2017.  The property went under extensive remodel and during this time fire, on June 5, 2018, heavily damaged the original chapel.  NCA celebrated occupancy of Liberty Campus and moved the 5-8th-grade (intermediate and jr. high) program onto the campus on January 21, 2019, with the first day of classes on January 22, 2019.

Program Structure following the Split Into Two Campuses:

Elementary and High School remain on the original Cox Ave. campus and Intermediate and Jr. High occupy the Liberty Campus.  On the surface, the combination of an elementary and high school appear at odds; however, it has created great opportunity between the programs.  Combined with the fact that NCA became an approved A+ designated high school in 2018, this allows for high school students to serve as tutors and mentors to elementary students during the school day.  Separate facility wings and staggered schedules for shared spaces assure an appropriate separation of programs.  

Administrators on both campuses are also working to further develop the unique culture and identity of each division which includes, but is not limited to, focused leadership development, and small group spiritual growth opportunities.