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High School Art


Duration:  9-12th-grade - combined (3 days per week for 45 min and 1 day per week for 90 min)

High School Art Education Pedagogy

The Visual Arts program at NCA from Upper Elementary through High School is based on the principles and practices of the nationally recognized & research backed “Teaching for Artistic Behavior” (also known as TAB or choice-based).  The idea is simple: students are artists and the classroom is their studio.  They are offered real choices for responding to their own ideas and interests through the making of Art.  When given the chance to explore their own ideas, passions, and interests, children often find greater meaning and relevance in their work.  This concept supports multiple modes of learning to meet the diverse needs of all students.

Course Curriculum

**ALL Art students will be learning in accordance with the curriculum outlined by the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards.  These standards are available to view at  The study of aesthetics, art history, and art criticism will be included at all levels.**

9th - 12th-grade students are allowed a great deal of autonomous choices regarding the creation of personal and uniquely designed Art.  Students are pushed to use the Artistic Process (Idea - Plan - Create - Reflect and Share) and complete Art at their own pace that is centered around an area of Personal Study.  Students are allowed to use a wide variety of 2-D and 3-D media to express their ideas and are expected to be able to justify their artistic decision-making at any given time.  Students will be introduced to Art Journaling and will be required to keep a sketchbook.  The students will help determine the nature  and order of teacher demonstrations around media exploration.  Students will study and experiment with a specific medium for a 2-week time frame, at the end of which they will have completed a sample to demonstrate their mastery of that given medium.  This will occur concurrently and in addition to the development and creation of their own Art.  The Biblical principles of God, Creation, Mankind, Moral Order and Purpose will be integrated as well.


Art Media

  • Paint: Watercolor, Acrylic
  • Pencil, Marker, Crayon, Colored Pencil, Oil Pastel, Charcoal, and Ink
  • Paper Mache, Found-Object, Cardboard construction, etc.
  • Stamps, Linoleum-cut, Collograph, Screen printing & Mono-print
  • Multi-media, Tissue paper, Construction Paper, Magazine Cut-Outs, Newspapers
  • Clay: Hand-built/Coil, Slab Construction, Wheel Thrown
  • Scratchboard, Metal Tooling, Weaving, Jewelry
  • Photography, Videography, Digital Editing, Graphic Design


Art Competitions/Exhibitions


All-City Art Show  - One student from every grade level K-12 will be selected to have a piece of artwork framed and displayed at the Springfield Art Museum for one month in the spring.

MTC Art Show - Every student in grades 6-12 will submit at least one piece intended for the Mark Twain Conference Art Show.  A total of 50 pieces will be selected to represent NCA at the show.

NCA Art Show - Every student will submit one piece to be displayed at the annual NCA Student Art Show held usually at the end of April or beginning of May.  This show is presented by the High School Art students.


Awards and Honors



3rd Place Junior High Overall at the Mark Twain Conference

18 individual ribbons awarded

Sweep of the Junior High Pencil Drawing category