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Elementary Spring Concert May 13th

The Elementary Spring Concert will be on Tuesday, May 13th at 6:00pm.

Mark Twain Conference Art

Mark Twain Conference Art Show

New Covenant Academy received "Grand Champion School"  award 4 times in the past 5 years and received 3 out of 4 possible "Best in Shows" this year with a record-breaking score of  496 points that no other school in the history of the conference has ever achieved! 


***NCA-GRAND CHAMPION SCHOOL-2014  (496 POINTS)***                                                                                                       

*Every MS & HS entry earned ribbons this year! 50 ribbons!*

MIDDLE SCHOOL RESULTS: (all entries earned a ribbon this year!)

Painting- Watercolor: 1st- Boston Stephens

Drawing- Charcoal: 2nd- Logan Jackson

Drawing- Pencil: 1st & BEST IN SHOW 2D- Jocelyn Gamble, 2nd Jocelyn Gamble, HM- Ethan Dawley

Drawing- Colored Pencil: 1st- Madeline Michalyzn, 3rd- Samantha Bowen

Drawing- Ink/Marker:  1st- Ross McMurdo

Painting-Tempera: 2nd- Shelby Tull & Emma Brookie

Printmaking- 2nd- Anna Martin

Scratchboard- 1st- Chrissie Matherly

Sculpture- 2nd- Ross McMurdo

Clay-Hand Built- 2nd Chrissie Matherly

Mixed Media 3D: 1st & BEST IN SHOW-3D- Logan Jackson, Andrew Pettinger, Kodi Jamison

Paper Mache: 1st – Tedd Fraser, Jacob Van Ess, Riley Harmon

Collage: 3rd- Shelby Tull

Graphic Art:  2nd- Elizabeth Lumley

Photography: 1st- Abbie Johnson

Jewelry:  1st Emilee Miller

Fibers/Weaving:  2nd Paiton Toman, Lillian Hinds

Group Project: 2nd- Boston Stephens, Logan Jackson, Ethan Dawley, Madeline Michalyzn, Samantha Bowen, Ross McMurdo, Shelby Tull, Emma Brookie, Anna Martin, Chrissie Matherly, Andrew Pettinger, Kodi Jamison, Tedd Fraser, Jacob Van Ess, Riley Harmon, Jason Baird, Elizabeth Lumley, Abbie Johnson, Emilee Miller, Paiton Toman, Lillian Hinds, Arianna Thomas, Caity Wiser, Jacey Lamb, Jocelyn Gamble, Mahalie Stafford, Trey Stutzman, Zoe Routon, Cassilyn Enyart, Gunner Hartsell, Johnathan Dille, Sydney Jones

Master Reproduction: 2nd- Gunner Hartsell, Shelby Tull 

Misc: 3rd place- Tedd Fraser, Jacob Van Ess, Johnathan Dille

High Point for MTC Art Competition: Jocelyn Gamble & Ross McMurdo

Most Outstanding: Chrissie Matherly & Ethan Dawley

Most Creative Artist: Shelby Tull & Andrew Pettinger

Most Improved Artistic Skill: Emille Miller & Trey Stutzman

Hardest Worker with Best Effort: Samantha Bowen & Boston Stephens

Most Unique Artistic Personality: Jacey Lamb & Tedd Fraser


HS RESULTS (all entries got a ribbon this year!):

Painting-Watercolor: 1st- Casy Askins

Painting-Acrylic: 2nd & 3rd – Aysha Medlin

Drawing- Pencil: 1st- Jessica Klutts- 3rd- Evan McMahon

Drawing- Charcoal: 1st- Hannah Martin

Drawing- Oil Pastel: 1st Hannah Martin

Drawing- Ink: 2nd- Jessica Klutts

Scratchboard: 3rd  Ciara Caudle

Mixed Media 2D: HM-Evan McMahon

Mixed Media 3D: 1st- Bailey Gardner

Collage: 3rd Cassidy Cummings

Master Reproduction: 1st  & BEST IN SHOW- Isaac Renkoski, 2nd Jessica Klutts, HM- Ciara Caudle

Graphic Art: 1st Isaac Renkoski, 3rd Michelle Dopp

Ceramics- Hand-Built: 1st Hyun Lee

Sculpture: 2nd- Brooklyn Stephens & Christina Navrat

Printmaking: HM- Hyun Lee & Cassidy Cummings

Paper mache: HM Cassidy Cummings

Jewelry: 2nd- Paige Frost, HM- Jessica Klutts

Group Project: 2ndst Aysha Medlin, Ciara Caudle, Jessica Klutts, Christina Navrat, Brooklyn Stephens, Casy Askins, Bailey Gardner, Ian Poe, Emily Day, Amanda Simpson, Hyun Lee, Dakota Prewitt, Paige Frost, Cassidy Cummings, Grace Rhinehart

Misc: 1st- Aysha Medlin


High Point for MTC Art Competition: Aysha Medlin & Isaac Renkoski

Most Outstanding: Jessica Klutts & Isaac Renkoski

Most Creative Artist: Hannah Martin & Evan McMahon

Most Improved Artistic Skill: Casy Askins & Hyun Lee

Hardest Worker with Best Effort: Bailey Gardner & Ian Poe

Most Unique Artistic Personality: Paige Frost & Dakota Prewitt

 **DAVINCI AWARD**- Aysha Medlin & Ciara Caudle


Mark Twain Conference Math Results



Cameron Altena - 2nd



Julia Horton - 1st

Kevin Sheng - 3rd

Faith Armstrong - 4th


Algebra II

Grace Wood - 1st

Emma Hale - 2nd



Reece Stutzman - 1st

Henry Wilbers - 3rd



Nick Frost - 2nd

Michelle Dopp - 3rd




Springfield, MO:  New Covenant Academy’s Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) chapter recently competed at the FBLA District Competition, and its members were well-rewarded for their time, effort, and preparation. Twenty of the chapter’s members earned a medal in events, with over half of them ranking in the top three of their events. Seven of these members also qualified to advance to the State competition taking place in Columbia, Missouri from April 13-15, 2014, representing New Covenant Academy in a total of nine events! Examples of events include:  business law; insurance and risk management; business communications; economics; cyber security; business math and personal finance; entrepreneurship; marketing; and global business.  NCA’s entrants are hopeful to qualify for FBLA Nationals, held in Nashville, TN in June, following in the footsteps of two NCA alumni who qualified for Nationals in 2013.

Congratulations to:  Samantha Morris, Nick Frost, Sam Hardin, Tori Newton, Tammy Diao, Julia Horton, Emerson Russell, Kyndal Hawkins, Ciana Bates, Aysha Medlin, Grace Wood, Ciara Caudle, Trevor Schmidt, Hunter Poole, Christina Navrat, Joshua James, Carie Parker, Cady Askins and Karlee Renkoski


High School Spring Formal April 25

The High School Spring Formal will be on Friday, April 25th. Tickets will be available through Student Council.

HS Concert Choir Concert & Awards

The High School Concert Choir will be performing a Spring Concert on Tuesday, April 29th at 7:00pm. Music awards will be given out at this event.

High School Academic Awards Night May 1 7:00pm

The High School Academic Awards night is May 1st at 7:00pm.

Secondary Band Concert May 5

Grades 6 - 12 Band Concert will be on Monday, May 5th at 6:30pm.

HS Spring Concert May 6

Grades 5 - 12 Spring Concert will be on Tuesday, May 6 at 6:30pm.


NCA Night at Springfield Cardinals May 16

NCA Night at the Springfield Cardinals will be on Friday, May 16th at 7:00pm. Tickets will be on sale in May.

High School Graduation May 18

High School Graduation will be on Sunday, May 18th at 3:00pm at Evangel Chapel.

Early Dismissal on Friday, April 25th

Classes will be dismissed at 11:30am on Friday, April 25th.

Grandparent's Day April 25th 8:30-11:00

Grandparent's Day will be held on Friday, April 25th from 8:30-11:00am. All grandparents are invited to visit their grandchild(ren) classrooms and enjoy a program performed by JRK-12grade students. Light refreshments will be provided.

School IS in session May 2nd

School will be in session on May 2nd as a snow make up day.

Kindergarten Graduation May 15th

Kindergarten Graduation will be on Thursday, May 15th at 6:00pm.

Last Day of School May 16th Early Dismissal/Field

The last day of school at this time will be on Friday, May 16th. This will be an early dismissal day. Elementary classes will be dismissed around 11:30 after the Field Day. Secondary students will be finished as soon as their last final is completed.


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