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Parents Corner

Grandparent's Day

Parent Team Fellowship


The Parent Team Fellowship (PTF) is a vital part of the New Covenant Academy Community.  Led by a powerhouse team of NCA parents, this group has two main functions:  1)  to foster genuine support and friendships within the NCA community and 2) to build stronger communication between the family/school relationship.

The Buddy Program

The Buddy Program was the brain child of members of the Parent Team Fellowship in conjunction with the Development Dept. at NCA.  Launched in the school year 2016-2017, the idea was to foster connections between 7-12 grade students and Jr.K-6 grade students.  The pilot year was so successful that the program is being retained in the 2017-2018 school year.  The way it works is, each elementary/intermediate student is assigned a 7-12 grade buddy.  Then, throughout the year, and while on campus, short opportunities are planned whereby students can connect, and be uplifting to their younger counterpart.  Examples of these short opportunities include a brief overlap of chapel where students exchange pictures, names and interest in sports or hobbies.  In these chapel's it is not uncommon for the high school student worship team members to have their elementary buddy help them lead worship.  In sports, there are nights planned where "Buddy Night" is scheduled.  Prior to the particular game, younger buddies are called out onto the field to stand with their high school athlete buddy.  Elementary students have someone to cheer for from the stands.  Another brief opportunity created was deemed "Donuts and Buddies".  For this day elementary students came just 15 minutes earlier to class and met with their high school buddy in their classroom.  During this encounter, they chatted, played silly handgames, talked about sports and generally connected in a light hearted fashion.  The result of this effort has been well received, parents and students love it! (see link in left navigation bar)

The Dashboard is our "family" website, with helpful links to Google Apps, RenWeb1, Student Services and more.


Events that Touch Lives and Bring People Together


This active group traditionally organizes several events during the school year, some examples are The Back-to-School Picnic, Winter Fest and Grandparent's Day.  PTF also organizes smaller events to foster friendships with other families and just for fun, like Friday night Movie Night Under the Stars, or a night at the Cardinals baseball game.


Connecting our Community-Parent Liaisons


A few years ago, the Administration and parents identified a need to develop a stronger way to communicate between the school and home.  Out of this need, a program emerged called, "The Parent Liaison Program". Each parent liaison is responsible to be aware of the important items happening in their assigned grade level  and simply keep other parents in that grade level informed either via email or other chosen method of communication.  While the school makes every effort to keep parent's informed, it has worked quite well to have another layer in the communication between family and school.


Parent Involvement Program (PIP)


The purpose of the Parent Involvement Program (PIP) is to encourage active involvement in each student’s education at all levels.  Active parental involvement increases a student’s success at school, encourages communication between NCA teachers and parents, and provides fellowship with other NCA families.

Each two-parent family is responsible for 40 hours per year for the Parent Involvement Program. Single parent families are responsible for 20 hours per year.