Secondary Division Athletics Overview



The New Covenant Academy Athletic Program provides a variety of meaningful experiences to enhance the development of healthy habits and attitudes that will prepare students for adult life.

The athletic program is conducted in accordance with New Covenant Academy policies, rules and regulations.  While the school takes pride in winning, it does not condone winning at all cost.  The school encourages students and families to behave in a Godly manner supporting sportsmanship and Christian values during athletic events. The athletic program is conducted in such a way that it continues to be an extension of the classroom.  Success, school unity and pride are greatly enhanced by student’s participation in school-sponsored activities.


  • Physical Examination- A yearly physical examination is required.  The physical form must be completed by the physician and submitted to the athletic department.  The examination covers all sports for the entire school year, provided it was administered after May 1st.  The form will be kept on file at New Covenant Academy Athletic Department.
  • Emergency Medical Authorization- Each athlete’s parent/guardian shall complete Emergency Medical Authorization form giving permission for the treatment by a physician or hospital when a parent is not available.  This form will be kept with each head coach for availability at all practices and contests.
  • Insurance- New Covenant Academy does not carry insurance to cover student athlete’s injuries.  Parents will need to complete the school’s insurance form acknowledging that they possess a family insurance plan
  • Parental Acknowledgement of Athletic Policies- At the time a student begins practice for an athletic team; he or she will be presented with the Athletic Code of Conduct.  Each parent or guardian and athlete shall read the material and certify that they understand the eligibility rules and policies of New Covenant Academy.  The signed document will be kept on file at New Covenant Academy Athletic Department.
  • NOTE:  In compliance with MSHAA-Missouri Sports High School Activities Association, NCA does not recruit students for the purposes of athletic competition.  Students transferring from other local schools must not compete for one year, or apply to MSHAA for a special circumstances waiver. (Details to be obtained from NCA's athletic director)


Secondary Division Athletics