High School Athletics

Participation in high school varsity and jr. varsity sports offers a rich life experience to students at New Covenant Academy.  Students are challenged to uphold the Warrior Code of Ethics in competition, maintain a Godly character; while at the same time developing skill sets that lead to that competitive edge needed to win games.  The coaching staff work to instruct and mentor their students towards a strong sense of team work, camaraderie, commitment and responsibility.  In addition they hone in on technical skills in each sport via drills, practice, strength training, endurance and on the instruction for critical analysis and strategy needed to understand the sport  and what it takes to win. 

Varsity Teams- Varsity level athletic teams are the focus point of the NCA Athletic Program.  To be part of the Varsity Team is a honor in itself that must be earned.  At this level there is no guarantee of playing time.  The intensity of the competition will determine when the best athletes will be on the field, court or track.

Many alumni of NCA have gone on to play athletics in college.  Signing ceremonies have been held each year for the last several years in golf, basketball, soccer, volleyball and track for individual students who have been recruited by colleges.



  • New Covenant Academy is a member of the Mark Twain Conference (MTC).
  • NCA is also a member of the Missouri State High School Activities Association (MSHSAA).  
  • Opportunities offered to young men are:  Basketball, Soccer, Track and Golf.
  • Opportunities offered to young women are:  Basketball, Volleyball, Track and Cheerleading.