Tuition Assistance Program

We recognize that it may be difficult for some families to pay full tuition at New Covenant Academy. Our tuition assistance program offers a reduction of tuition and books and supplies fee based primarily upon household income. Household income is identified as the adjusted gross income on your tax return as well as any other non-taxable income such as child support. If your tuition and book and supplies fee charge is more than 10-12% of your household income you may qualify for our tuition assistance program. Please note that tuition assistance will not exceed more than 50% of the tuition and books and supplies fee. You may call the Admissions Office if you have more questions or click here for more information.  Tuition assistance may be limited by classroom space and funding availability. (Prepayment discounts will not apply to the tuition assistance program.) You may apply for tuition assistance as soon as you have your previous year's tax form completed. The deadline for applying is April 1st for current families. After April 1st tuition assistance may be reduced or unavailable. There is a $30 fee for applying for tuition assistance.

  • New families who apply for admission after March 15 must apply and submit supporting documentation to FACTS within 15 days of applying for admission or will have a reduced assistance award.  In some cases an assistance award may not be available. 





Apply for tuition assistance