Physical Education


Physical Education is a vital part of every students education as well as maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle. Studies have shown that kids who are active for at least 30 minutes a day have a great decrease in childhood obesity, hypertension and other childhood related diseases and sicknesses.  The goal of the NCA Physical Education program is to promote fitness and healthy choices to students of all ages. Students are challenged physically through a wide variety of physical activities such as team sports, individual sports, build-up games as well as weight training. Physical Education is designed for students to enjoy exercising at a young age and to develop exercise habits that they will carry with them into adult life.  Students in elementary school have P.E twice a week for a period of 30 minutes. Students in middle school and high school have P.E. four times a week for a period of 50 minutes.

FALL 2013-2014 NEWS:

New Covenant Academy welcomes back Lindsey Letsinger, this time, not as a veteran NCA student (class of 2009), but as the full-time Jr. Kindergarten through 12th grade physical education teaacher!  Lindsey graduatated from Mid-America Nazerene with a Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education and certification to teach K-12 in the State of Missouri.

Watch a llittle bit of history, blast from Lindsey's past here at NCA: