New Covenant Academy’s technology program provides students with a resource and computer lab, as well as offers a variety of computer courses.  Students in elementary (Jr. K-4th) and intermediate (5th-6th) have access to the resource lab throughout the week on a regular basis.  Teachers use the lab for various teaching and learning opportunities.  Not only can students follow along with what the teacher demonstrates on the projector screen, but they can also incorporate hands-on learning at their own computer.  Students in middle school and high school have access to the computer lab which is  used as an instructional classroom. 

Intermediate students take a semester-long computer course in which they learn proper keyboarding techniques, as well as how to improve their overall typing speed.  In middle school, students take a quarter-long computer course designed to introduce them to computer applications through desktop publishing, creative slide presentations and other related skills.  This course prepares students for computer courses that are offered in high school. 

At the high school level, students are offered various courses in word processing, Microsoft Office, and multimedia.  Students learn how to create business documents, spreadsheets, presentations, publications and web design.   They even learn how to create movies and podcasts through video and audio lessons.   Students also learn about photography.

New Covenant Academy's campus offers WIFI wireless infrastructure for students to be able to utilize laptops on campus.  They are issued an NCA personal school district login password, which assures access to the internet behind a secure firewall.  Secondary Division students are also issued an NCA hosted personal email address to be utilized for academic purposes.  


New Covenant Academy’s business program offers high school students a variety of courses, such as Introduction to Business, Personal Finance, and Life Management and Stewardship.  Students learn an array of business topics, as well many various financial scenarios they will encounter in their personal and adult lives.