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New Covenant Academy's Jr.K-4 and 9-12th location is situated on 27 acres, near the cross streets of East Battlefield and Kansas Expy. (About 3.5 miles west of the Battlefield Mall).

Jr.K-4 (Elementary) and 9-12th (High School) Grade Location  

3304 S. Cox Ave., Springfield, MO  65807 (Click here for map)


New Covenant Academy's 5-8th grade location is situation on 10 acres, near the cross streets of Kansas Ave. and Walnut Lawn. (About .3 of a mile from the Elementary and High School Location).  The campus is the former Life360 Parkcrest building.

5-8th (Intermediate and Jr. High) Grade Location-Opening Fall 2018

3581 S. Kansas Ave., Springfield, MO  65807 (Click here for map)



Elementary and High School

Buildings house a gymnasium, classrooms, science lab, library, computer lab, kitchen, weight room, and administrative offices.  Exterior spaces include:  new parking and drop-off lanes, soccer field, and new elementary playground.  A new baseball field was completed in the spring 2016.  A six-classroom addition was completed fall 2016.

Intermediate and Jr. High

Buildings house a practice gymnasium, 800-seat auditorium, classrooms, science lab, media/library, kitchen and administrative offices.  Remodeling of the interior space is currently underway.  Exterior space includes a several acre field.


3304 S. Cox Ave. Campus
3581 S. Kansas Ave.-Intermediate and Jr. High Campus-Opening Fall 2018
Gymnasium-3304 S. Cox Ave. Campus
Practice Gymnasium- 3581 S. Kansas Ave. Campus
High School Math Class-3304 S. Cox Ave. Campus
Elementary playground and basketball court-3304 S. Cox Ave. Campus
Jr. Kindergarten Classroom-3304 S. Cox Ave. Campus
Kindergarten Reading Center-3304 S. Ave. Campus
Computer Lab-3304 S. Cox Ave. Campus
High School Classroom
High School Classroom
Weight Room-3304 S. Cox Ave. Campus
Choir Room-3304 S. Cox Ave. Campus
Kitchen-3304 S. Cox Ave. Campus
Soccer Field-3304 S. Cox Ave. Campus
Commons area-3304 S. Cox Ave. Campus
Upper Elementary Hallway-3304 S. Cox Ave. Campus
Intermediate Hallway
Federal Protection Ball Field, Home of the Warriors Completed Spring 2016-3304 S. Cox Ave. Campus
Fed Field--3304 S. Cox Ave. Campus
Home of the Warriors
Home of the Warriors, Dugout
Coryell Classroom Wing-3304 S. Cox Ave. Campus
Art room-3304 S. Cox Ave. Campus
5/6 grade science lab will move to 3581 S. Kansas Ave. Campus
Upper elementary classroom-3304 S. Cox Ave. Campus
Upper elementary classroom
Upper elementary classroom with multi-purpose arrangement-3304 S. Cox Ave. Campus
Business computer lab-3304 S. Cox Ave. Campus
Elevator shaft under construction at the Intermediate & Jr. High Campus
Auditorium at 3581 S. Kansas Ave. Campus

Intermediate and Jr. High Campus Rennovation