Middle School 7th to 8th Grade

The New Covenant Academy Middle School is founded on the belief that young people have distinct developmental needs. The life of the Middle School student is filled with physical, emotional, academic, and spiritual changes. The Middle School program actively engages potential energy and abilities. Equal attention is devoted to emerging interpersonal skills and lifelong learning skills and habits. The New Covenant Academy Middle School is a place where students know they are cared for and are challenged to find success in a variety of areas.

The Middle School is a place of transition, where increasing emphasis is placed on taking personal responsibility for learning. More freedom is granted to the seventh and eighth graders than experienced in the intermediate grades.



Students abide by a code of dress and conduct that is designed to provide a suitable atmosphere for academic performance. Students are not expected to dress uniformly but are expected to follow the dress code set forth in the secondary handbook. The manner in which students present themselves is part of Christian training and always reflects consideration for others, the rules of common courtesy, politeness, and modesty. More information regarding specific dress, grooming, and conduct is available in secondary division handbooks. Middle School students have access to all specialized areas of the building.



Boys and girls in the 7th and 8th grades may participate in all sports offered at the Middle School level, as well as in several academic competitions. The programs encourage good sportsmanship, teamwork and a desire for physical fitness. Activities teach Middle School students to compete, take instruction, accept discipline, and give and receive encouragement. The Spring Retreat is a part of Middle School life, providing social interaction along with personal and spiritual challenges.